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attacks? did he have the election in january in the back of his mind as well? >> i don't think it has anything to do with the election. in the short term, he got a lot of support. on the long run, and the election -- will have to wait another week, it might change. the atmosphere might be changed. we do not know if we should continue with this trial. it is only one day. we do not know what will happen tomorrow. tomorrow, there might be many more political problems. the election will be under the perception that we did not achieve our goals there. then we will lose the support that he got today. >> thank you very much for being with us. let's get the latest picture from inside gaza. our correspondent is there. john, what information can you bring us on the situation there today? >> you have been seeing the rocket arriving in israel this morning. we have actually seen a lot of israeli airstrikes as well within the last 15 minutes. a lot of explosions north of gaza city. that has been going on all morning. five palestinians were killed today. they are all hamas fighters, which brings the
obama back on familiar territory after his election triumph, but staring over a cliff with the countries finances. king of the road -- wiggins, toward france champion, knocked off of his bike. >> welcome to beijing where the process of installing the man who will lead this nation of 1.3 billion people over the next 10 years has begun. thousands of delegates from the communist party, the only party allowed here, of course, have gathered at the great hall of the people up the road. it comes at a crucial time. china's meteoric economic rise has meant a better life for hundreds of millions of people. but also creating huge inequalities. the outgoing president hu jintao admitted corruption was still a big problem and he says the failure to tackle it could prove failed -- fail to the party. here is our beijing correspondent, martin patients. >> they came from across china, hand-picked delegates from the communist party more than 80 million strong. the opening of the party congress marks the start for china's leadership change. it is political theater on a grand scale and designed to showcase u
marijuana. >> as well as voting in the presidential election last week, voters in colorado and washington state also made another important decision. they opted to legalize the use of recreational marijuana in defiance of federal law. while advocates of the move celebrated the decision, the several leaders in central america it has created an untenable situation. they say they are being urged by washington to direct their troops and resources towards the fight against drug cartels, only to see those operations undermined by a drug policy in the u.s. the mexican president was among those calling for more clarity. >> there's the need to deeply analyze the social implications for our countries due to the ongoing processes at local and state levels in some countries in our continent which allow the production, consumption and legal distribution of marijuana. >> this is undoubtedly a headache for mr. obama. his administration has yet to make clear how it intends to impose federal law prohibitting the use of the drug on colorado and washington state. they stopped short of saying it might relax
reacting? >> you are absolutely right. he was elected on an anti- austerity drive. he has really been a big supporter in the first six months, so i think that the demonstrations, we are expecting a big one on the left bank. it will mean more than it does in terms of a confrontation with the government. you will see unemployment figures that are staggering across europe today. the case is similar here in paris. of course, this does concern people. but he is facing a dilemma. he asked to honor his commitment to europe and the markets. why does that matter? today they have announced that because they have record low interest rates on 10-year bonds, compare well to those in germany, they say only 2 billion of the money going to reducing the debt, if they started to waver on the reforms they had been promising, those levels would start to rise, and if that happened it would be europe's problem, as well as france's problem. >> there is still talk of an exit. >> i think more people are more concerned with here today, they are concerned with expressing their anger over what is going on. gathering i
on the re-election of the u.s. president, barack obama, to put more pressure on president assad. many people here feel syria's main ally, russia, would find a solution to the crisis. >> the anglican church has a new leader. after a lengthy appointment process, the former oil company executive and current bishop of durham, justin welby, has been officially announced as the new archbishop of canterbury. he'll take the top job at the end of the year from dr. rowan williams. a short time ago, he told reporters he supports the ordination of women bishops, but he's backing the house of bishops' earlier statement which objected to same-sex marriage. >> i support the house of bishop statement in the summer in answer to the government's consultation on same-sex marriage. but i also know i need to listen very attentively to the lgbt communities and examine my own thinking carefully and prayerfully. i am alza verse to the language of exclusion. ove in the same way as jesus christ loves us. above all, in the church we need to create safe spaces for these issues to be discussed in honesty and in love. >>
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5